Wufoo + TeamWave

Wufoo forms can be integrated with your TeamWave account on Zapier. This integration lets you automate the process of Deal, Contact and Organisation creation. So, whenever a form is submitted on Wufoo, Zapier will create a Deal/Contact/Organisation in TeamWave.

Connecting Wufoo and TeamWave

To connect TeamWave with your Wufoo form, you need to create a Zap for TeamWave and Wufoo in your Zapier account. 
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What do you need?

  • A TeamWave Account
  • A Zapier Account
  • A Wufoo Account
  • A Form created in that Wufoo account

to your Zapier account

Once you Login/Signup, click on Make a Zap on the right top.

Creating Zap

A Zap is a bridge between your Trigger App and Action apps.

For example A Zap could be created between a Trigger app (TypeForm, Google Form etc) and an Action app (TeamWave in this case).

Setting up Trigger

Choose a Trigger app:

Search for Wufoo app and select it.

Select Wufoo Trigger

If you are paid Wufoo Subscriber, Select New entry.

If you are using a normal Wufoo account, click New Entry (Poll). This will trigger Wufoo when someone fills out your form. 

New entry (Poll) is a slower version where Zapier checks for new entries Periodically. This will take up to 15 mins to see the action in TeamWave. 

Select Wufoo account

Click on connect your account, then enter your Wufoo login email and password to connect your Wufoo account to Zapier.

Select your Wufoo account and click on Test. Then click on Save + Continue.

In Set up Wufoo Entry Select the form you created in Wufoo and Click on Continue. (Make sure you have at least one recent entry to test this form in next step)

Test the Wufoo form for the entries you made and click Continue

Setting up Action

Choose your action app:

Search for TeamWave and select the TeamWave app.

Select one of the actions listed and click on Save + Continue

Connect TeamWave account

To connect your TeamWave account, click on Connect an account and Paste your API Key and click Continue.

Then, select your TeamWave account and click on the test and then click on Save + Continue

Set up Template*

This is an important step to make sure your zap works in the way you intend.  There are many fields from TeamWave in this template, some of which are optional and some are required. Use the + option on the right of each action field, to see the fields from your Wufoo From to populate your TeamWave fields. Next to the name of the field is a sample value that helps to clarify what info you can expect to be in that field. 

Map TeamWave fields with Form fields

You can even type in something in a field, which will be part of every item you create through a Zap. 

For example, for the Deal name, you might want to keep it something like, <Your client's name>'s Deal. So, you could match Deal name action field with your Client's name and hardcode ( 's Deal ).

Testing this action

In this step, the sample from testing the trigger will be used, and you can see exactly what values will be used in each field for your action. When you click to 'continue & test' the action, the Zap will be performing the action on the app account you have connected,

Once your Zap has been tested, you can switch it on. At this last step, you can give this Zap a name and also place it in a folder so that you can keep your Zaps easily identifiable and organized.

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