Delete/Suspend an Employee

Employees can be suspended from an organisation to disable their access to your organisation's TeamWave account. Suspended employees can be reactivated, but deleted employees need to be added to the TeamWave account once again.

Only HR Admin and account owner can suspend an employee. Whereas, only the account owner holds the right to Delete a user.

Deleting/Suspending an Employee

  1. Navigate to HRMS application
  2. Click on Employees tab on navigation tab
  3. Select the employee you want to suspend or delete
  4. Click on Gear icon and select appropriate option

If you choose to delete an employee, you'll be asked to assign that employee's deals and pending tasks (Projects and HRMS) to another employe. Files and Notes contributed by the employee you are deleting won't be lost.

Reactivating a suspended Employee

  1. Navigate to HRMS Application
  2. Click on Employees tab 
  3. Select the suspended employee from the employee list
  4. Then click on Click to reactivate

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