Adding employees

You can add an employee simply by inviting him from the dashboard but adding employee through HRMS gives you an extra advantage by enabling you to set admin privileges and giving him access to all sections right when adding an employee.

You can disable access to CRM to an employee while you cannot disable access to PM and HRMS.

Adding Employees

  1. Navigate to HRMS
  2. Click on Add employee button
  3. Enter details link name, email address, job title, time off policy and reporting manager
  4. Click next
  5. You can give access to some sections within app and give admin privileges
  6. Then click on Send invite. 

The employee will receive an email notification of the invite. The employee should accept the invitation and complete the signup form and set the password. Then they would be able to log in to TeamWave using the email address and password.

Note: One can even add employees from employees tab in HRMS

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