Automatic Check-ins

Automatic check-ins are used to keep up with the team by scheduling questions on a regular schedule. It is always recommended to check in with your employees at regular intervals. 

Scheduling Automatic check-ins

  1. Navigate to HRMS
  2. Click on Automatic check-in tab
  3.  Click on Setup an automatic Check-in
  4. Enter the question you want to ask, select employees, 
  5. Select how frequency of the question
  6. Then click on Submit

Note: Checkins marked as public will let participants see each others response.

Editing Automatic check-ins

  1.  Navigate to that check in
  2.  Select edit icon next to Automatic check-in

Disabling Automatic check-ins

  1. Navigate to automatic check-ins tab
  2. Use toggle button disable the check-in

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