Managing tasks

You can Assign a member, Repeat, Add Due date, Attach files to a task from task detail page. 

  1. Navigate to Project Management application
  2. Click on Tasks in the navigation bar
  3. Click on the task, to open task detail page
  4. Update necessary changes

All the changes will be updated.

Add description

To add a description to a task, 

  1. Click on add button next to description title.
  2. Enter the description 
  3. Click on Save


  1. Click on assign on the right menu 
  2. Select a person to assign the task to him. 

Note: You can only assign one person to one task.

Due date

  1. Click on the due date 
  2. Select a date to keep it as the due date. 

Note: To remove a due date, click on due date in task detail page and click “no due date” 

Attach files

You can attach files from computer, google drive and dropbox by clicking n files.

Delete a task

Click on delete icon in task detail pop-up. You can restore a deleted task unless it is completely deleted.

Here's is how to restore a deleted item from a Project.

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