Adding new tasks

A task is a piece of work on a project to be done.  allows you keep everyone in the team on track. 

Tasks allow you to assign work to yourself or your co-workers, log times, set the due date, attach files, discuss and lot more.

Adding New tasks

You can create multiple numbers of tasks in a Task list from Tasks tab in a Project. The privacy of a task list will be carried to the tasks in that task list.  However, you can even add a new task list and add tasks to it with just one email. See how to add tasks from an email.

Adding tasks from Projects

  1. Navigate to Project Management application.
  2. Click on Tasks in the navigation bar.
  3. If there are no task lists created, create a new task list
  4. Once a task list is created, click on Add new task in a task list. (Ref 1)
  5. Enter name of the task
  6. Click on [Unassigned- no due date] button to assign task to your co-worker and set a due date (Optional) (Ref 2)
  7. Click on Attach icon to attach files from your computer, google drive and Dropbox (Optional) (Ref 2)
  8. Then click on Add task

Ref 1:

  Ref 2:

You can also assign tasks, log time, upload files, set due dates, copy tasks and add tags from Task detail page. Click on the task to open Task detail page.

Also see How to manage tasks and How to add time logs from tasks.


  1. You cannot assign multiple persons to a task.
  2. The privacy of the task list will be carried to the tasks

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