Adding and Managing Tasks

Tasks are a crucial aspect of project management as they help in ensuring that everyone involved in a project is on track and aware of their responsibilities. By creating and assigning specific tasks, team members have a clear understanding of what work needs to be done, when it needs to be completed, and who is responsible for completing it. This helps to keep the project organised and moving forward, reduces confusion and misunderstandings, and increases productivity and overall efficiency. 

Tasks can be assigned to individuals, include due dates, allow for time tracking, file attachments, and discussions.

To add a task:

  • Navigate to the Tasks tab in your Project, and create a new task list if one doesn't already exist. 
  • Then click "Add task" in the task list, enter the task name and press Enter/Return.

  • Then click on the name and add in the details to the task in the Pop-up.

On the Task detail page, you have the ability to not only view a task but also make changes to it. You can assign the task to someone, log time spent on it, attach files, set a due date, copy the task to another list, and add tags for easy organization. Simply click on the task to open the Task detail page and make these updates.

You can also add tasks via email. Learn more about it here.

Note: You cannot assign multiple persons to a task and the privacy of the task list will be carried to the tasks

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