Manage Task lists

Editing, Copying, and Deleting Task lists in a Project

  1. Go to the Tasks tab within your desired project.
  2. Hover over the Task list you wish to edit, copy, or delete.

  3. Choose the desired action.
  • To Edit a Task list:
    • Click the Edit icon.
    • Make the necessary changes.

    • Click Save.
  • To Copy a Task list:
    • Select the Copy icon.
    • Choose the project you want to copy it to.
    • (Optional) Set the default Assignee.
    • Enable or disable attachments and Completed Tasks.

    • Click Copy.
  • To Delete a Task list:
    • Click the Delete icon.

    • Confirm the deletion.

Note: Copying a Task list will also copy its associated persons to the destination project if they are collaborators there. However, due dates will not be carried over. Deleting a Task list will also delete all of its tasks.

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