Manage Task lists

Once a Task list is created you can Edit, Copy and Delete Task lists from tasks page in a project. 

How to Edit/Copy/Delete a task list

  1. Navigate to Project Management Application
  2. Click on Tasks tab in a Project
  3. Hover on any Task list name
  4. Click on what you would like to do 

A. Editing a Task list

  1. Click in edit icon
  2. Update necessary changes
  3. Click on save 

B. Copying a Task list

You can use this option to copy a Task list to another/same project. This action will also copy the assigned persons associated with the tasks to the second project if they have also collaborated on the second project.
Note: Due dates cannot be carried on copy action.

  1. Select Copy icon
  2. Now select a project
  3. Set the default Assignee and due date (Optional)
  4. Enable/Disable attachments 
  5. Click on Copy

C. Deleting a Task list

  1. Click on delete icon

    The Task list will be deleted from that project. It will also delete all the tasks in that Task list.

Here's is how to restore a deleted item from a Project.

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