Assigning a Task list to a default person

To assign multiple tasks to a single person, typically, you need to navigate to every task and assign all those tasks to that person multiple times. 

Instead of assigning multiple times, TeamWave allows you to assign a task list to that person, so that, all the task in that task list will be auto-assigned to that person automatically. You can even set the number of days in which the tasks in that Task list will be due.

Here's is how it is done,

Assigning a default assignee and due date to a Task list:

  1. Navigate to Project Module
  2. Select tasks tab in a Project
  3. Click on Add task list
  4. Enter all details like Name, Description, Milestone and Privacy
  5. Select the default assignee 
  6. Enter number of days a task will due in 
  7. Click on Add task list to save.

Once the Task list is created with Default Assignee and/or due date, all the tasks in that Task list will be assinged to the assignee and the due date will be set automatically

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