Assigning a Task list to a default person

With TeamWave, assigning multiple tasks to a single person is streamlined and efficient. Rather than manually navigating and assigning each task individually, you can simply assign a task list to the person, which will automatically assign all the tasks within it to them. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set the due date for all the tasks within the list, ensuring that they are completed within a specified timeframe.

Here's is how it is done,

  • Go to the Tasks tab in your Project
  • Click "Add Task List."

  • In the Pop-up, Fill in the Name, Description, Milestone, and Privacy fields.
  • Select the default assignee.

  • Save the task list by clicking "Add Task List."

Once the Task list is created with Default Assignee, all the tasks in that Task list will be assigned to the assignee automatically.

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