Typically, when you receive email enquiries from prospects (or leads), you are required to create deals in CRM one by one. However, if you receive a LOT of enquiries everyday, manually entering data in the CRM can be tedious, erroneous and time consuming.

What if you could simply forward these emails to TeamWave CRM so the deal and contact persons are automatically created?

The 'sales automation via email' feature in the CRM settings has been designed just for that purpose. All you need to do is set up a rule in CRM so that TeamWave can create deals, contacts and link them whenever it receives mails from the email addresses specified in the rule.

If certain email addresses (example: sales@company.com, info@company.com) receive majority of emails from new prospects, then you can also set up auto forwarding in Gmail and Outlook to send all the emails to TeamWave. For every new email address captured by TeamWave, a new contact person and corresponding deal will be created. Finally both of them will be linked. For subsequent emails forwarded for existing contact already attached with a deal, the new email will only be logged to the existing deal and contact person (new deal won't be created). 

Setting up the Email Rule:

1. Click on the gear icon at the top right to open up the CRM Settings.

2. Click on Mail.

3. Click on "Add rule" to open up the form for email rule.

4. Enter the name of the rule for your own reference (example: re-seller, web contact).

5. Enter the email addresses in comma separated format. Note that one email address cannot belong to multiple rules and the emails sent only from these email addresses will be processed for deal and contact creation.

6. Select the default owner (an employee from your company) who will have the ownership of the deals and contact persons created by this rule.

7. Select the sales pipeline and the stage in which new deals will be created.

8. Add relevant tags (this field is optional). To add tags start typing the name and select from suggestions. You can also add new tag by entering the name followed by comma (,).

9. Click 'Save' to activate the rule.

Negative List:

TeamWave will not create contacts using the email addresses listed in the negative list. Enter the email addresses in comma separated format. Email addresses of the employees of your company are automatically ignored while creating contact persons. 

Click on the 'Negative list' button to enter the email addresses.

Sending Email Manually:

As an example, here is how an email from a prospect might look like:

Now click on forward, enter the 'smart address' in the 'to' field and send the email. 

You can also keep the 'smart email address' in the 'BCC' field while replying to the email.

After receiving the email, TeamWave will automatically add a contact person, create a deal using the contact person's name and link them.

Setting up Automatic Email Forward:


1) Click Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP >> Add a forwarding address

2) Locate and copy the Smart Email Address present in the sales automation section by scrolling down to the bottom. You can also access the Smart Email Address in the CRM inbox.

3) Now go back to Gmail and paste the Smart Email Address.

4) Click 'Proceed' and Google will send you a confirmation mail with a secret code.

5) The confirmation mail sent by Gmail will be present in the CRM inbox of the default owner selected in the rule. 

6) This mail can be accessed by clicking on 'Mail' present in the top navigation of CRM app.

7) Copy the confirmation code, open up Gmail settings and paste the same in the verification area. Click on 'Verify'.

8) Select 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to' for the newly verified email, scroll down and click on save changes.

Outlook Mail

In case of Outlook Mail, verification mails are not required. Follow the steps shown in the image given below to set up automatic email forwarding.

Note: Currently, this feature supports emails from Gmail and Outlook.