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It is always recommended to check in with your employees at regular intervals. You can use TeamWave to automatically ask your employees any questions you want on a regular schedule (every day, once a week, every other week, once a month). You’ll continuously get new insights and answers!

1. Click on the HRMS app icon.

2. Click on the Automatic Check-ins link.

3. Click on Set up an automatic check-ins button.

4. Now you need to fill the form by entering the question, selecting employees and setting the frequency of the question.

Note: Check-ins marked as public will let all the participants see each other's response.

5. Click on Submit button to schedule the check-in.

Employees will get email and in-app notification as per the scheduled time prompting them to answer the question.

Editing and Deleting a Check-in

1. Click on the check-in you want to edit or delete.

2. Click on the down arrow link present at the top right.