Zapier is a great service to integrate different apps and receive accurate data at the right time. Zapier can be used to establish connection between TeamWave and other apps as well. In order to do that you need to create a Zap - basically a conditional connection which is triggered when a certain event takes place. For example: if I get a new lead via my online form, create a corresponding deal in TeamWave.

Click here to access TeamWave on Zapier and accept the invitation.

In the following Zapier integration example, we'll see how easy it is to import the leads generated via various web forms into TeamWave CRM app. Here we're taking the example of Wufoo forms; you can also use any other form builder app. Just note that to create a deal in TeamWave, all you need to do is provide a deal title. 

Create your Wufoo form. Given below is an example of how a sample form looks like.


1. Click on Make a Zap.

2. Choose Wufoo as the trigger app.

3. Select New Entry as the Wufoo trigger. This will trigger the zap, whenever someone submits the form.

Select Wufoo Trigger.png

4. Select your Wufoo account. Click on Connect a New Account, if you have not yet connected any.

5. Select the form from your Wufoo account.

Set up Wufoo Entry.png

6. Test the Wufoo setup by fetching the form entry via Zapier.


1. Choose TeamWave as the Action app.

2. Select Create Deal and click on Continue.

3. Go to TeamWave app and copy the API key from HRMS >> You >> API. 

4. Connect TeamWave by providing TeamWave API key.

5. Set the template: 

  1. Select the pipeline name and stage from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select the currency of the deal.
  3. Select the appropriate the Wufoo form field as the title of the deal
  4. Assign the Contact Email, Contact Name, Deal Value, Phone number and Last name to the appropriate Wufoo form fields.

6. Test the setup and click on finish.

After this whenever a new entry will be submitted to the web form, the form data will be used to create a corresponding deal in TeamWave CRM.