1.Click on the HRMS app.

2. Click on You link and click on Documents tab.

3. Only HR admins and account owners will have access to three sections, i.e., Company Documents, My Documents and Employee Directory. Others will be able to access only My Documents section.

  • Company Documents - HR admins and account owner can upload documents which are related to the company. It is also possible to share the documents with all the employees or restrict access as per requirement. 

  • My Documents - In this section you can upload your personal documents like educational certificates, work experience letters, identity proofs, external certifications, etc.

  • Employee Directory - Here HR admins and account owner can browse through the documents uploaded by individual employees and upload documents on their behalf. Each employee document will be available in the individual directory. There is option to mark the uploaded document as private so that only HR admins and the account owner will be able to see them.