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1. Make sure your spreadsheet has the following fields: Title, Deal value, Expected close date, Pipeline name, Contact email, Company and Currency. Out of these fields, Deal Title is mandatory.

Field Name Value
Title This is the title of the deal
Deal Value This is the value of the deal (Example: 5000, 6000, 10000)
Expected Close Date This is the expected date by which the deal should be closed.

Accepted formats:



Pipeline name Name of the pipeline into which the deal will be imported
Stage name Name of the stage in the pipeline
Contact email The email id of the contact person to be linked to the deal
Company The name of the company to be linked to the deal
Currency Given below are the supported currency codes:

British Pound: GBP
Brazilian Real: BRL
Swiss Franc: CHF
Chinese Yuan: CNY
Japanese Yen: JPY
South African Rand: ZAR
Turkish Lira: TRY
New Zealand Dollar: NZD
Russian Ruble: RUB
Mexican Peso: MXN
Swedish Krona: SEK
Danish Krone: DKK
Malaysian Ringgit: MYR
Hong Kong Dollar: HKD
Australian Dollar: AUD
Singapore Dollar: SGD
Canadian Dollar: CAD
Indian Rupee: INR
Euro: EUR
US Dollar: USD

In the spreadsheet you should mention USD for US dollars.

2. Browse to CRM app and click on "Import Deals" button.

3. Click on "Choose file to upload" button and select the file to be uploaded.

4. Map the expected fields to the columns present in the spreadsheet.

Note: Deals without any pipeline will be imported to the default pipeline.

5. Click on import button to initiate the deal import process. Once it is completed, you'll receive confirmation mail.