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Now TeamWave allows you to import all your leads from files right away. This article is for getting you acquainted with our new and improved import system.

You can import all your data from *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv files which can include the deal owner, multiple contacts, organisation, closed date, lead generated from and what not! -  all at the same time.

Getting Started:

Make yourself very clear of what kind of data you want to upload to TeamWave CRM. 

“Is it just deal name and deal value? or Is it a deal with 3-4 other fields?”

Then make sure the data in the spreadsheet is organised in following default fields: Title, Deal value, Expected close date, Pipeline, Stage, Contact name, Contact email, Contact phone,  Company, Currency, Followers, Closed date, Created date, Status and Deal owner.

Note: Out of these fields, Only Deal Title is mandatory.

Supported formats:

Filed name Explaination Example
Title Name of the deal SF Lawer deal
The status of the deal.

Note: It can only be among Open/Won/lost.
Close date Date on which a deal is closed

Note: It will take close date only if the status of the deal is won or lost.
Expected close date    
The expected close date of a deal
Deal owner
Deal owner's email. Not his name.

(Note: It is the email address of the employee from your TeamWave's employee list. He should also have access to CRM. 


Name of the pipeline

Note: If the name of the pipeline is not existing, it will be saved in the default pipeline you selected while uploading.
Sales 1
Name of the stage.
Note: If the stage name in the spreadsheet is different from pipeline’s, the deals will be saved in unknown stage.
Contact Initiated
List of people following a deal.

Email id of the follower. There can be multiple email ids separated by comma ( , ) or pipe ( | ),


 ISO 8601 Format

Deal Value

 Value of the deal.
Ex: 50000, 6500000, 100000
Contact phone
Phone num of the contact person. Any format will be accepted.
86492739, 080-8478374, 830-77-84
Contact name
Name of the contact person     Johnson,Sunil
Contact email
Email of the contact person,
(In the spreadsheet, you should mention USD in currency field for US dollars)

US Dollar: USD
British Pound: GBP
Brazilian Real: BRL
Swiss Franc: CHF
Chinese Yuan: CNY
Japanese Yen: JPY
South African Rand: ZAR
Turkish Lira: TRY
New Zealand Dollar: NZD
Russian Ruble: RUB
Mexican Peso: MXN
Swedish Krona: SEK
Danish Krone: DKK
Malaysian Ringgit: MYR
Hong Kong Dollar: HKD
Australian Dollar: AUD
Singapore Dollar: SGD
Canadian Dollar: CAD
Indian Rupee: INR
Euro: EUR



You can only map the default fields to the import data you are uploading.

To upload other fields, you need to define that field in custom fields. You can add/edit as many fields you want according to your business fit from custom fields.

Importing spreadsheet:


 For uploading a spreadsheet,

  1. Navigate to CRM application
  2. Click on Import
  3. Now click on “choose a file to upload”


  1. Now map the custom fields in TeamWave to the imported data set.
  2. Then click on “Import”.

You can assign to which pipeline the imported data set should go. Else, it will be assigned to default pipeline of your CRM app.


  1. If the stage name in the spreadsheet is different from pipeline’s, the deals will be saved in the unknown stage. 
  2. You can opt to exclude the first row from the spreadsheet.