Time log is an essential feature to keep track of time spent on a project or task by an employee. It is also used to generate invoices based on the number of billable hours, if the company or employee works on a per hour basis.

Adding time log directly from "Tasks" section

1. Open up the project.

2. Click on "Tasks".

3. Click on the "clock" icon associated with the task for which you would like to log time.

4. Update the progress of the task by selecting appropriate option on the progress bar.

5. Enter the details of the work done, time spent and select billable if applicable.

6. Click "Log time" to save.

Adding time log from "Time Log" section

1. Click on the project to open it.

2. Click on Time Log tab.

2. Click on "Log time". 

3. Select the date if required. By default, it will be today’s date.

4. Choose the task you have been working on, and specify what exactly that you did.

5. Specify the number of hours you spent on that task, and if it is billable, check the box.

6. Click on Save.