TeamWave CRM provides every user with a private mailbox where they can store emails messages exchanged with contacts for easy reference at any time. So, while communicating with prospects or clients whenever you receive an email, just forward the same to the Smart Email Address and it will be saved in the private email box of the CRM app. Simalarly, while replying to an email, just keep the same Smart Email Address in the BCC field to save the message in your CRM email box.

Note: Sending emails to your TeamWave account's email box only works when you are sending emails from an email address that is registered with your TeamWave account. Check out the article on sales automation if you'd like to send emails from addresses that are different from your TeamWave account's email address.

How to use Smart Email address?

1. Click on Mail present at the top navigation bar of the CRM app.

2. Click on "How to forward email to CRM inbox".

3. Copy the email address.

4. While communicating with your prospects and clients, just keep the Smart Address in the BCC field. You can also forward the existing emails to the Smart Email Address.


5. After receiving the email, TeamWave will automatically create the contacts (in case they are not already present in CRM) and attach the email to the contacts along with existing associated deals.

How to view emails sent to Smart Email Address

To access emails sent to your Smart Email Address, go to CRM and click on Mail (top navigation).

You can also see the emails in the activity log as shown below:

How to delete a message from your personal email dropbox

Refer to the screenshot given below to access the delete button.