TeamWave Projects allows teams to collaborate easily on all kinds of projects - be it building an app, designing a new store or planning an office party. Think of Projects as a workspace where you can create tasks and assign them to people, carry-out discussions and share files.

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Organize your tasks

Organize your project by creating task lists for each area of the project like planning, design, sourcing etc. Create tasks within task lists and assign them to your team members, so everyone knows what they have to do. And once a task is completed, it can be checked off and removed from the board.

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Plan projects with milestones & events

Every project that you create has a dedicated calendar, where you can set milestones and create events. Milestones can be associated with tasks, so everyone working on the project knows exactly what needs to be done before the milestone date. Creating events is a great way to keep everyone in the know about upcoming team meetings, training sessions or demos.


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Add files or share files from Dropbox/Google Drive

Keep all project related files in one place. Allow team members to upload work files or link Dropbox/Google Drive files, so everyone working on the project can access them from a centralized file repository.

  • Upload files or link Dropbox/Google Drive files to task comments
  • Upload files or link Dropbox/Google Drive files to discussions & comments
  • Upload files or link Dropbox/Google Drive files directly to the project repository

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Share important information through notes

Notes are great for storing information that everyone needs to refer. They are convenient for sharing documents like: project specifications, proposal, plan of action etc. Notes can be edited by everyone on the project, and you can easily view current or previous versions of the note.

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Discuss ideas, tasks, files & notes

Your project has a dedicated section for discussions, where you can carry-out forum like discussions on various topics related to the project. Discussions associated with tasks, milestones and notes are also displayed here for easy access.

Time tracking for cost estimation or invoicing

Provide your team a convenient way to log time on tasks. Get detailed reports that show total hours spent on the project or drill-down to view total time spent on each task.

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