TeamWave CRM helps your sales team achieve better results, by making it easier to manage prospects, ensuring timely completion of sales activity and providing instant access to interaction logs/notes - associated with deals. Here's a look at some of the key features of TeamWave CRM which'll help your team achieve more closures.

Manage sales through an interactive pipeline

Manage multiple sales processes through interactive pipeline. Here are some advantages of managing sales through an interactive pipeline.

  • Create multiple pipelines for different product lines, service categories or customer groups
  • Track sales effectively
  • Estimate revenues with ease

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Manage deals & sales activities

Easily add deal and plan sales activity. Create a chronological log of interaction/notes for each deal as you complete each meeting/call/task.

  • Add & manage deals
  • Plan & execute sales activity with ease
  • Record summary of call/meeting/email
  • Get instant access to complete io call logs & notes for a specific deal
  • Add email messages to deal log using Smart BCC

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Keep all your contacts in one place

TeamWave CRM makes it easy to manage all contacts in one place.

  • Upload contacts through CSV upload
  • Sync Google contacts
  • Sync with Mailchimp
  • Get instant access to all interaction logs and notes associated with a contact

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