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TeamWave CRM can be customized to suit the needs of your business. You can create new pipelines, add stages to a pipeline, remove stages from a pipeline, create new activity types and add custom fields for deals/contacts.

How to create a new Pipeline?

  1. Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon present in the top right corner. Click on Pipeline and Add Pipeline.

  2. Enter a name for the new pipeline and hit Save

  3. Click Add Stage, enter a name for the pipeline stage and hit Save. Continue adding stages until the pipeline is complete

How to rename a pipeline?

Go to Settings > Pipeline

How to rename pipeline stage?

Go to Settings > Pipeline and scroll down to the pipeline that needs to be edited

How to add a new pipeline stage?

Go to Settings > Pipeline

Note: When you add a stage to the pipeline, the new stage becomes the last stage of the pipeline.

How to create a new activity type?

TeamWave CRM allows you to schedule and log sales activities like: email, call, meeting, lunch, task and deadline. You can also create custom activity type such as: demo, presentation, conference etc.

To create a new activity type go to Settings > Activity type > Add activity type

How to Create Custom Fields?

Although TeamWave comes with basic data fields to capture deal and contact details, you would eventually need additional fields in order to accommodate your unique business requirements and improve the sales efficiency.

To create a new activity type go to Settings > Custom Fields.

1. Click on Deal/Contacts/Companies as per your requirement.

2.  Click on "Add a field" button.

3. Click on the type of custom field, you would like to add.



4.Enter the "Custom Field" name and the possible values (comma separated format). Click on Save.



5. Click on the Yes/No link to disable/enable the custom field while adding a new deal.


6. Click on the edit icon to update the field and delete icon to delete it.

7. If the custom field is marked to "Show in Add New Dialog", it will appear while adding the new deal.