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A sales reps life revolves around emails, calls, meetings and lunch appointments. TeamWave CRM makes it easier for you and your team to schedule sales activity, so you can ensure you're never late for meeting or call. It also helps you quickly browse through activity logs associated with a deal, so you have all the facts  at hand before  you leave for an important meeting.

Note: An activity can be associated with a deal, a contact or an organisation.

How to add/schedule an activity?

Head to CRM and select Activities (top navigation) > Add new activity.

Once you've scheduled an activity it gets listed in the Activities page.

How to add/schedule an activity for a deal?

Scheduling an activity for a deal, helps in creating chronological log of interactions. To schedule an activity against a deal, head to CRM (pipeline view) > Select Deal > Schedule Activity.

Once you've scheduled an activity, it appears on the deal page under Planned Activity.

How to keep track of scheduled sales activities?

All sales  activities are listed in the activities page. You can use filter options to look-up upcoming activities  or find a list of activities assigned  to a specific user.

How to view activity logs for a deal?

From the pipeline view, select a deal to open the deal details page.

How to edit/delete an activity?

Switch to Activities tab. Locate the activity you wish to delete and click/tab Edit / Delete