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Click here to learn about adding a new deal.

How to view/update a deal?

From the pipeline view, select a deal that you wish to view/update to bring-up the deal details page. Here you can scroll through activity logs, check-out upcoming sales activity, add note, schedule new sales activity or update any deal related information.

How to move a deal to the next pipeline stage?

From the pipeline view, you can easily move deals by dragging them to another pipeline stage. Alternatively, click/tap a deal and make the necessary update in the deal details page.

How to transfer ownership of deal (reassign) to another user?

At the time of creating a deal, it is automatically assigned to the user who creates it. Admin can transfer ownership of a deal (or reassign it) to another user.

Note: Once a deal has been reassigned, it will show-up in the pipeline of the user to whom it has been assigned. All records of previous sales activity remain unchanged when you reassign the deal to another user.

How to delete a deal?

Click/tap on a deal which you wish to delete annd follow the instructions shown below: