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TeamWave CRM helps you manage your sales process through an interactive sales pipeline. Here are some ways in which you can use the sales pipeline to achieve greater success.

Track open deals

Your sales pipeline shows all your active deals and provides a visual indication of where each deal stands in the sales process.

Manage sales across product lines or service categories with multiple pipelines

Multiple sales pipelines are great for managing & tracking sales of different product lines, service categories or customer groups. Using multiple sales pipelines helps your team manage different sales processes with ease. 

View instructions for creating & customizing sales pipelines

Estimate revenues

A sales pipeline enables you to forecast revenues, so you can plan a demand generation campaign in case revenue estimates are falling low for the current quarter.

Get instant access to deal info

Just click/tap a deal to view notes, files, interaction logs and planned sales activity. To update information such as deal title, deal value or expected close date, just click/tap on desired info and make updates instantly.