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iPhone App

Are there plans for one? Is there a place where we can see what features are being worked on with release dates?

would love to beta test this.

iPhone app is planned for release by July-end

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I understand the iPhone app is new. What are the future plans for it? Our business is primarily field based and my guys need to be able to add, edit, and notate contacts/deals from their phone. Right now we can't even click on a deal and open it and this, unfortunately, negates our ability to use TeamWave all together. Are we missing something or is functionality still being developed? Thanks!

Hi Mary,

We outsourced our mobile app development (iOS) but were unhappy with the quality of the app delivered. Unfortunately we had to shelve it.

We plan to build the app with our own team and expect to release it by July 2017

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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