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How to share the project with my client

We have created the project for our client. We also want to have our client to collaborate with the project and give feedback.

Hi Alex,

Given below are steps:

1. Go to the individual project page and click on the three dots present just to the right of "Time Log" link.

2. Click on "Client/Vendor" link.

3. Enable sharing with the toggle button.

4. Click on "share project" button.

5. Fill the professional/corporate email id of your client and send invitation.

Once your client joins TeamWave, he or she would also have same set of features that you have and be able to collaborate with you on the shared project.




One question please: Why should I fill in "only" the professional/corporate email, and I'm not allowed to enter any email, like gmail? I have clients using gmail..... 

Hi Cornel,

TeamWave allows only professional/corporate email, as it is meant for small and medium sized businesses who want to adhere to processes for business management.



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