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Kanban view in TeamWave Projects

Hi Guys,

Our team really loved your app. But, there is one thing we want to know - is there any way to have kanban view in project management app?

If not, is there any work around.



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Based on what I see you could use Deals as a Kanban until they add the feature. 

Hi Raymond,

We are glad to know that your team loved TeamWave. I've one bad news and one good news for you regarding the kanban view.

Bad news: TeamWave project management app doesn't support kanban view. It is designed for team collaboration with a focus on communication happening around a project. we have taken into account time tracking, deadlines, budgets, team members and their particular roles with respect to the project.

Good news: In future release we are planning to give option to create projects with kanban view. So, this is definitely in the pipeline.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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